The Cat's Out of the Bag!  LbNA # 24905 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 1 2006
LocationLakewood, OH
Found By The Early Birds
Last Found Dec 1 2008
Hike Distance?

**** RETIRED *****

The Cat Clinic closed on December 15, 2008 so the box has been retired :(

This box was planted to honor our dear friend's birthday, who happens to be a cat lover. Cinnaboxer, phattlarryberry, and I all wish her another year of happiness!

Going east and west through Lakewood is Madison Avenue. Near the far west end of Madison, near the intersection of Madison and McKinley is The Cat Clinic.

Turn into the parking lot and park to the left of the building if space is available. Trying to be as inconspiculous as possible, walk along the planting bed on the left (west) side of the hospital. Go to the back of the second ring of 'landscaping' bricks encircling the cedar (?) tree. You will notice a couple of regular bricks along the wall of the building - your kitty is hiding there!
Please rehide carefully as this is a busy place!