The Fish Creek Four  LbNA # 24908 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 8 2006
CountyAlberta, CAN
LocationCalgary, ALB
Planted Byywprez    
Found By pirate bob
Last Found Aug 3 2007
Hike Distance?

Sorry! These letterboxes were washed away in the floods of 2006. I've archived them for my own rememberance, but don't go looking for them.


Letterbox #1
“It isn’t easy being green . . . especially if you’re a superstar.”

1. Start at the west end of Fish Creek Park (Shannon Terrace). From the parking lot head east on the paved path.
2. You’ll approach a small stage and benches on the left of the path, turn north towards the stage where superstars reign. I’m hiding from the back stage door, to the left of the giant ‘V’, under the Christmas tree.

Letterbox #2
“Please don’t pick me and take me home.”

1. Continue east again on the paved path past the barn, and up the slight rise in the path. You’ll see twin trees 1 meter off the trail to your right.
2. Leave the path and walk between the trees 10 paces. When you reach the fallen log balance up the length of the log and you’ll find me under the end.

Letterbox #3
“This endangered animal is our friend. Please don’t make his life end. Please put him back in the Ziploc box, in his home under the rocks.”

1. Continue further east till the end of the rancher’s fence. Turn your back on the Fish Creek Park sign and follow the gravel path toward the creek.
2. At one corner of bridge #1 you will find him in a box of rocks.

Letterbox #4
“I come from a family that is not well liked. People scream and run at the sight of us, but not all of us are the same even though it seems that way. So get off your hiney and come try to find me.”

1. Return to the paved path, and once again head east. Watch for an old sawed off stump on your right (you know you’ve found it when you see a lightening struck tree just beyond the stump).
2. Take one step deeper into the brush past the stump. Look deep for your surprise – and don’t be bugged by all the prickles.