Mill Street Run Turkey  LbNA # 24912 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTraveln Turtle    
Placed DateAug 25 2006
LocationNorth Royalton, OH
Found By BeachBabe8
Last Found Sep 27 2008
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Mill Street Run Turkey

Mill Stream Run Reservation in North Royalton, OH

Equipment Needed: Bug spray, Letterboxing equipment
Difficulty: Easy
Time 30 minutes

Driving Directions:
Take I-71 to 82 East, Royalton Road exit. Turn towards North Royalton, away from Strongsville.

Take a right on Valley Parkway into the Metro Park. Cross over 130th Street. Park in the lot on your left in the clearing right before Edgerton Road (if you cross Edgerton road, you’ve gone too far, turn around).


1. Head Northwest up the paved two-lane all-purpose path (toward the way you came on Valley Parkway).

2. Cross the street and enter the Bridal Path on your left. Pass the 12” fish.

3. You will pass a “squirrel chair” on your right. Kind of makes you wonder what people do in the woods in their spare time (I mean, besides us :o?). King Julius of the Lemurs would have been jealous. The path will bend to the right after this chair,

4. This path will meander, but follows Rocky River which will stay on your left. You will see a tree fallen across the river. Keep going, half way there. The path will bend left than right.

5. The path will get within 5 feet of the river. Within 10-20 feet you will come to a large fallen tree on your left (between the path and river) that has been sawed off towards the path.

6. Approximately 10 feet more on your right you will see a trio of dead trees/stumps. The one on the left is approximately 20 feet tall and 3 feet wide, there’s a birch in the middle, and a 10 foot tall and 2 foot wide one on the right.

7. Pass this trio and turn right leaving the path between the left, 20 ft. tree stump and the large log on its left. Skirt behind the three trees to the 10 ft. tree stump where you will find the box hidden at the base under large pieces of wood and leaves. Please hide well; assume it’s visible from the path and take care.

8. Back track the way you came or journey on for hiking enjoyment. If you come to a sharp left turn in the path with a large tree with a knot half way up the trunk on the left and Y branches, you’ve gone too far!

Please contact me when you find this LB and give me a status update! Thanks!