Time is Fleeting  LbNA # 24917 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 26 2006
LocationBurlington, NC
Planted ByShi eh ree    
Found By SWATgeM
Last Found Jan 16 2015
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The first burial in Brown’s Chapel cemetery occurred about 1834 and the cemetery was in use until the early 1900’s. Originally there was a Methodist church on the site, and a subscription school. The school building was later moved to Glen Raven, and over the years vandals destroyed many of the tombstones and the cemetery became overgrown. At various times, civic and scout groups have undertaken the job of cleaning up the area. Historic societies have attempted to raise money to build a fence around the old burial ground, but there has been little success.

From I-40, take exit 143 and follow 62 North until it ends at Hwy 70 (Church St.). Turn right to 70 east and then turn left at Tarlton Ave. Stay on Tarlton until you reach W. Davis St. Turn right. You’ll see an abandoned cemetery on your left.

As you face the cemetery, you’ll see a black fence around some gravestones. Walk toward the stones until you come to a marker. This is Mathias Nelson, a Confederate veteran. There is another Confederate veteran buried here. Find his marker. From this stone, you’ll see a large tree covered with vines. Have a seat in front of the tree and rest for a bit. You’ll see a marker for Sarah Boon, wife of G. D. Boon, and one for her daughter Margret E. These stones have worn away over the years, but originally Sarah’s tombstone read (recorded in 1959):

“I have finished my work on earth, and now
I lean my head on his breast, and breath
my life out sweetly there

While you are sitting, look over your shoulder. You’ll find a treasure if you look closely.

Although the cemetery is no longer in use, Davis St is very busy, so please be discreet, and make sure the box is covered and the area looks undisturbed