hear, see, feel, waterfalls  LbNA # 24923 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 26 2006
CountyKetchikan Gateway
Locationketchikan, AK
Planted Bypattisonfamily    
Found By pattisonfamily
Last Found Feb 1 2014
Hike Distance?

This is a 3-segment hunt, meaning you must find all 3 boxes to complete the stamp!

Box 1 (Hearing)

Can you hear a waterfall in Waterfall?
From the center of the end listen; find 320° N.W.
Walk towards the big dead cedar.
At the bottom of the tree, under bark is what you seek.

Box 2 (Seeing)

A waterffall is usually a geologiical formation rresulting from water, often in the form of a ssttream, flowwing over an erosion-resistaant rock formattion that forms a suddeen brreak in elevation. Waterfalls may also be artifficial, and they are sometimes creaated as garden and llandscape ornament.
Some waterfallls form in mountain environments where erosion is rapid and stream courses may be subbject to sudden and catastrrophic change. In such cases, the waterfall may not be the end product of many years of water actiion over a region, but rather the result of relatively suddden geologgical processees such as thrust faults or volcanic action.

Location: at the base of the foundation wall under rocks, 030° N. from where you see.

Box 3 (Feeling)

Angel Falls
Tugela Falls
Victoria Falls
Boyoma Falls
Yosemite Falls
Niagra Falls
Rhine Falls
Iguazu Falls
Job Falls
Jurong Falls
Broadgate Centre Falls
Wailua Falls

1:10, 2:4, 4:4, 6:4, 3:10, 7:4, 8:5, 5:11, 13:10, 5:2, 4:1, 9:5, 4:1, 7:6, 1:4, 14:1, 8:2, 8:1, 2:3, 13:8, 3:1, 5:6, 9:3, 3:9

Location: at the End, climb down to the tree whose trunk is center of the End. Looking towards the End, at your feet, under rocks is your reward.