Parker's Ranch  LbNA # 2493

Placed DateJul 13 2002
LocationNorth Olmsted, OH
Found By supercrewchick
Last Found Sep 3 2011
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Located in the Rocky River Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks
North Olmsted, Ohio Cuyahoga County
Planted: Replanted again 10/9/10
(July 13, 2002/Replanted 10/31/07)
Easy, with moderate hill. Approx 40 minutes.
Great Nature Center to visit as well!
Planted by bibliophile ( )

In 1929, Adele von Ohl Parker, protegee of Buffalo Bill, relinquished the stage life of county fairs, vaudeville houses and silent movies to settle in North Olmsted, Ohio. She created Parker's Ranch, where for 37 years she taught youngsters how to ride, including me! This box is planted near the bridle trails we rode and is dedicated to her memory. For more information about this remarkable woman, read 'The Search for Adele Parker' by Robert Charlton Hull.

Take I480 to the Columbia Road (Rt 252 ) exit. Go south on Great Northern Blvd. to Butternut Ridge. Turn left onto Butternut Ridge. At stop sign take a left onto Columbia. At the light, take a right down Cedar Point Road. Shortly after crossing a bridge over the Rocky River, take a left onto the Valley Parkway. You will again cross another bridge over Rocky River. Take a left into the parking lot of the Rocky River Nature Center. Proceed through the main parking lot and park in the smaller auxiliary lot beyond. Trail guides are available in the Nature Center, though not really necessary for this hike (very easy!)

From the southwest corner of the auxiliary parking lot, you will see a small stairway with metal rails. Go down the stairs and pick up the trail at that point. This trail will dead-end into the blue Canada Goose trail - go right. You will come to a triangle in the path. Stay to the right, picking up the Oak Leaf trail. Cross the road (Shepard Lane) and continue on the trail.

Near the Waste Treatment Plant, the trail makes a hairpin turn - go straight up the hill, crossing over a small footbridge and up a stairway to bring you to the top of the ridge along Mount Pleasant. You'll see a bench honoring the love of Tony for his mom Francis Colnar Barman. From this bench count 44 steps and stop. Look to your left - 14 steps off the trail will take you to a 3 foot stump. Behind the base of this fallen tree you'll find Adele von Ohl Parker. Continue along the trail which will curve around the Mount and send you down a long staircase. Pass a park bench.

Enjoy the trail as it meanders along. At the T, take a right to rejoin the trail you came in on, go around the hairpin turn, and cross the road. At the triangle in the trail, take a right to pick up the blue Canada Goose trail. Follow this trail past the wetland and take a left to continue on the Canada Goose trail back to the Nature Center.

OR turn left toward the Nature Center, cross the bridge, take a right and go up the stairs to pick up the Fort Hill Trail for some great views of the Rocky River. When you get to the top of the rather lengthy stone-walled stairway, you may turn right or left (I prefer right) to walk along the rim of Fort Hill. There are some Native American Earthworks up there worth noting. Along the Rocky River side of the rim is a LONG wooden stairway down to the Nature Center - take this, it's fun! Take a look around the Nature Center - it's been recently renovated and is beautiful!

There are additional trails which loop back toward the Nature Center, as well, if you would like to extend your walk.

Remember your car is parked in the auxiliary lot! Enjoy!!

by bibliophile