Heart in Hand  LbNA # 24948 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 26 2006
LocationCarrollton, KY
Planted Byanniebananie    
Found By Lindsays Snowman
Last Found Sep 30 2006
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is at General Butler State Resort Park - a great place to camp, stay at the lodge or in the cottages. The park is off of I-71 at exit 42. Pick up a trail map at Butler Lodge. When at the lodge, grab a bite at the Two Rivers Restaurant. It's a lot of food for a little money.

Locate the stone overlook. It is accessible by car.

The overlook was built in the 1930's by the Civilian Conservation Corp. From the site you can see the confluence of the Kentucky and Ohio rivers. On the overlook, Find the Geodetic Survey Reference Mark. Take the eastern steps back down towards the parking area. From the bottom step take a reading of 110 degrees. Walk about 23 paces to two trees. Next to the second tree is the shell of a tree stump. The box is hidden inside underneath some debris.

This box is dedicated to TP. He introduced me to this wacky and fun hobby. And he definetly holds my heart in his hand or is it the other way around? Thank you TP for being such a wonderful person.