Fall Spree Series #1: Goodyear  LbNA # 24957 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWee Walkers    
Placed DateAug 25 2006
LocationAkron, OH
Found By God's Lamb's
Last Found Aug 22 2007
Hike Distance?

Reported Missing November 2006. Will check on it and re-plant or retire.

Summit County Metroparks Sponsors a Fall Hiking Spree. This is the 43rd year the event has occured. This LB will be one of 8 in a series. If you complete the 8 walks you can submit a form and recieve a metal badge to nail to a walking stick. You can check out more info and park maps etc at www.summitmetroparks.org

The kick-off event was held at Goodyear Heights Metro Park, 550 Frazier Ave, Akron. While at the park pick up a map off all Summit Parks it will come in handy for the remainder of this series.

Look for the Piney Woods trailhead. (The trail marking is a pine tree).

Park in the lot and head into the woods just ahead to the left you'll see the Pioneer Shelter area. Continue on this path, just before the path cross another look on your left for the "Cucumber Tree", it's tagged. The path splits stay to the left and continue to follow the Piney Woods Trail. This trail makes a loop and you'll end up in this spot at the end of the hike. The letterbox is midway through the hike. A few minutes into the wood you'll see three trees in an island in the middle of the path. Keep on going. Ahead is a grassy path to the right you'll still be following the Piney Woods signs. Just after the little creek is an old trail to the right. Continue on and head up the hill. Farther down you'll cross another trail and off to the left you can see part of an excercise path. Continue on. Start looking on your left for a tree with a branch/trunk rotted away on the side opposite the trail about 4 feet off the ground. The Main tree is still alive and well it's just the back branch that is rotted. In this rotten hole is the LB your after. (Five steps past this tree is a tree at a sharp angle and ahead on the right is a tree "in" the paths right side. Be sure to place it back carefully and be sure you can not see it from either way. You'll follow this path and begin to descend a hill before climbing a large rise, then back down to where you began.