Generations at Sylvia Lake  LbNA # 24978

Placed DateJul 22 2006
CountyGrays Harbor
LocationMontesano, WA
Found By Domino Rex
Last Found Oct 10 2012
Hike Distance?

Clue difficulty: easy
Terrain: half mile total, mostly flat

This letterbox was placed on July 22, 2006, in honor of Josh (generation 4) and Jamie's wedding. Weddings are a great time to reflect on family history, and that's what inspired this letterbox.

Great Grandpa William Hamm (generation 1 in Grays Harbor) was a well-known and respected civil servant. He spent the years from 1926-1930 as county sheriff. One of his duties was seeking out the numerous stills hidden in the county during the Prohibition era. In 1930, Will Hamm became a charter member of the Washington State Patrol, where he served until 1948. Great Grandpa Will and his wife Eva raised two girls in the Montesano neighborhood you will drive through.

"Granny" (generation 2), was born in 1924. She would later tell her children many stories of her childhood, including the time she locked herself into her Daddy's handcuffs and had to march down the street to his office to get the key, mortified that all the people watching would think her a criminal! These were the days when aviation was so new that she and her sister would rush outdoors at the sound of an airplane and yell, "Hi, Lindy!" to the pilot, in honor of Charles Lindbergh's solo flight across the Atlantic. "Granny" later married a GI after WWII and together they raised five children in Aberdeen. Her older sister married and,with her husband, moved into the family home after the death of Will and Eva. The seven cousins of generation 3 visited back and forth between Aberdeen and Monte during the 60's and 70's, and now have fifteen children between them.

Sylvia Lake, as we called it, has been a popular gathering spot for four generations of our family. Picnics, swimming, fishing, and camping have provided many hours of happy memories. We hope this place will become special to you as well. Have fun hunting!


For those pressed for time, follow signs directly to the park. Otherwise, head up Main Street. Turn RIGHT on Spruce Street, and turn left "where the water flows." Granny and her sister grew up at the triple two's. Generation 3 often visited their aunt, uncle, and cousins here in the 1960's and 70's. Turn left onto E.Cedar, left onto N.Main, and right onto Broadway, with a view of the old courthouse. Turn right onto 3rd Street, which will take you directly to Lake Sylvia State Park.

Enter park, cross bridge to the left, and park in the gravel lot. (If you have time later, be sure to drive, walk, or pedal through the camping loop across the lake. You might even find a place to hide a new letterbox!)

1. Begin where no lifeguard stands. Take approximately 72 steps at 10 degrees bearing to the wooden work of stone.
DO NOT FORSAKE HUNTING FOR THIS BOX JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE A COMPASS. You could probably figure this out without a compass if you have a few minutes. (As of Apr. '08, this "wooden work of stone" has seen better days.)

2. With the wooden work of stone directly at your back, proceed straight ahead to a family of tires that roll no more.

3. Man's best friend will sit nearby.

4. Follow the path from pavement to wood. The hanging ornaments show fishing is good.

5. Cross something that falls, but never gets hurt. At the end of the span, rest your feet on the dirt.

6. Turn back around and find your hoard beneath the ferns and lowest board.

Please close lid and bags carefully and completely hide in original spot.