Looney Tunes on the Loose! #1: Whats Up Doc?  LbNA # 24985

Placed DateAug 26 2006
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By MO UR4Me
Last Found Jul 1 2010
Hike Distance?

The Looney Tunes are on the loose!
They split, they ran, they jumped the caboose!
They heard about a crazy town,
Where ‘loony’ letterboxers abound.
For Columbia, Missouri they all made haste,
And hid themselves with no time to waste.
They scattered North, South, East, and West
And picked a place that suited them best.
With a playground nearby each of these spots,
There’s fun to be had by both grown-ups and tots.
Bring your own ink and a compass might aid,
An easy hike in and you’ll have it made.
Find all five characters, or only one,
But the more you find, the more the fun!
Pick any order, you get to choose…
Now enough of this rhyme…on to the clues!

With several playgrounds to choose from, all of them super cool, and nearly as many letterboxes hidden in this expansive park (research, research, research!), Stephens Park in Columbia is a great place to round up this most famous Looney Tune!

Enter the park off Broadway, just east of the intersection with Old 63. The entrance soon forks, head left toward the upper parking lots and playgrounds. Park in the easternmost lot near the green playground and give the infinity a try to warm up.

After hanging on (or falling off!), and a few trips down the slide, backtrack along the sidewalk and find the fire pit. Have a seat on one of the large rocks and picture a warm, glowing blaze. Notice the concrete trail that heads down toward the lake. Follow this path counterclockwise to the other side of the lake, dodging the proof that geese live here. Turn right onto the trail that veers off the circular path around the lake. At the 4-way, take a right and head for the next playground. Hit the climbing wall and after throwing down some sick moves and twirling down the slide a time or two, beat feet back to the concrete trail and continue your quest. Follow the path as it curves sharply right and sit for a spell under the shade of a giant sycamore...getting warmer! Continue down the path and soon notice another large tree off on the left. Standing on the east side of its enormous trunk, look toward the treeline and find a suitable place to enter at about 80 degrees. Just inside the treeline stand twin maple trees whose long, thin branches reach out toward you. With these twins standing just in front of you, look down and see a faint trail at your feet that runs along the ridgeline**. A piece of old clay piping points the way if you are unsure. Head right along this path 6 paces, limboing under several branches as you go. To your left, find one tall straight tree with 2 smaller siblings on either side (if you've come to a rusted pipe, you're about a pace and a half too far). Use caution as it gets steep here, and peer around the other side of the larger tree. Behind it, find a small maple growing out of a rock shelf. Under this rock shelf, find a curious little rabbit hole.

Please rehide completely, replacing the rock that guards against prying eyes and well intended but uninformed woodland creatures who might like to cart off an unprotected box.

**Use caution with little ones as you enter the treeline and walk along the path. The ridgeline is fairly steep and though the box is hidden in an area with relatively firm footing, surrounding soil and rocks are loose and might result in a quick ride down to the creek at the bottom. I highly recommend exploring this creek, as trekking downstream reveals some cool bluffs and other wonders, but I also recommend arriving there in a fairly controlled fashion. If you do head downstream, you can pick up the concrete path that leads back to the parking lot (in a roundabout fashion) where it travels under Broadway.