Looney Tunes on the Loose! #2: Greetings Earthling  LbNA # 24990

Placed DateAug 26 2006
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By zomgpunkins
Last Found Oct 30 2011
Hike Distance?

The Looney Tunes are on the loose!
They split, they ran, they jumped the caboose!
They heard about a crazy town,
Where ‘loony’ letterboxers abound.
For Columbia, Missouri they all made haste,
And hid themselves with no time to waste.
They scattered North, South, East, and West
And picked a place that suited them best.
With a playground nearby each of these spots,
There’s fun to be had by both grown-ups and tots.
Bring your own ink and a compass might aid,
An easy hike in and you’ll have it made.
Find all five characters, or only one,
But the more you find, the more the fun!
Pick any order, you get to choose…
Now enough of this rhyme…lets get on to the clues!

Just a "hop", skip, and jump away from the rabbit hole hides another Looney Tune bent on the destruction of Earth in hopes of better vistas. To round him up, make like a Duck Dodger and rocket toward Stephens/Lions Park. Find the entrance in Columbia on Williams St. between Walnut and Windsor St.

Park along William and head down the concrete path that splits two giants large as instant martians. Head for the first playground, checking behind you frequently to make sure the Illudium Pew 36 isn't in range. Quickly climb up the red arch, red point it, then twist back down to earth. Run across the blue bridge and find a quick way down that shoots you off onto the path that starts out wood and ends up concrete. Walk this path, beginning with a proper stretch - try the body lift or trunk roll if you're so inclined - and hopefully you brought your stylish tube socks. Head right and walk this path as it winds down the hill. Round the bend toward the bridge and notice black concrete turn to white, then back to black. From the place where black begins again, count 13 paces and have a seat on then bench to your right. Look around carefully to make sure you're not in the way of a disintegration death ray, paying particular attention to the woods directly in front of you. In fact, stare straight into the woods and see if you can't spy a medium trunked oak tree that forks near the top in the distance. A bearing of 190 degrees from your perch points directly at the tree which stands on the opposite bank of a wet weather creek. March straight into the woods toward this tree. At its base, find a pile of rocks concealing an other worldly guest.

After stamping in, be sure to rehide completely under rocks. While this foriegner offers friendly greetings to letterboxers, he may not be so happy with those who might unseat him permanently. Many people travel through and many creatures call the drainage home, both of whom might unknowingly remove this character, working him into a fury, bringing about earthly destruction!