York Road Picnic Area  LbNA # 24995

OwnerTraveln Turtle    
Placed DateAug 28 2006
LocationNorth Royalton, OH
Found By Shoonig
Last Found Aug 23 2014
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York Road Picnic Area

York Road Picnic Area at Brecksville Reservation in North Royalton, OH

Equipment Needed: Bug spray, Letterboxing equipment
Difficulty: Easy
Time 5-10 minutes

Driving Directions:
Take I-71 to 82 East, Royalton Road exit. Turn towards North Royalton, away from Strongsville.

Take a right on Valley Parkway into the Metro Park. Cross over 130th Street and Edgerton Road. Turn left into the York Road Picnic Area, Brecksville Reservation.


1. Head toward the Picnic Pavilion on your right. (Wouldn’t this be a lovely spot for a family reunion?)

2. Pass the Pavilion and enter the trees in the back left corner. Turn left and follow the meandering path on the top of the ridge.

3. You will go down straight at the tip of the ridge before the path curves left. You will see an old fallen tree on your right.

4. When you get to the bottom jump over the small creek.

5. Turn left and walk between the set of fallen/felled logs that look like a seating area to the birch tree with a hollow core. Reach in! Make sure you cover the box really well. It looks like young beer drinkers might hang out here.

6. Back track the way you came. Please let me know when you find this box and it's condition! Thanks, happy hunting!