The Gift of Kime  LbNA # 25016 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 28 2006
LocationBurlington, NC
Planted ByShi eh ree    
Found By Satis Human
Last Found Feb 7 2009
Hike Distance?

About 1890 Henry G. Kime gave the city of Burlington six acres of land on which to build a cemetery, but he isnít buried here. His grave is in Liberty, NC.

The cemetery is still in use, although no gravesites are available to purchase.

Directions: Take I-40 to Burlington. Exit at Huffman Mill Road. Turn left and proceed to Church St. Turn right and follow Church Street until you see a sign pointing to downtown. Bear right onto Main St. Go through the stoplight and youíll see a cemetery bordered with fieldstone to your right.

Enter the cemetery closest to the Kitchen. At the first intersection turn right. Follow this road and turn left at the Cook. Off to the left is the Garden (OK, so it says Carden, I misread it). Donít forget to turn off the Faucette. The recipe is right on this Page. Stop at the utensil nest to the "season"ing and face the Greek columns in the distance. Youíll see three pairs of "trees" of graduating size, each flanking a stone. About seventy paces forward and you'll pass the Hurdle. In the trees near the stone that might say Fou "nd" youíll find the box (itís off the ground).

This cemetery is a popular place for walkers and joggers, so please be discreet when replacing the box.