The Bug Hunt at McMillen  LbNA # 25029 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 25 2006
CountyNew Haven
LocationMeadow Brook Rd, Southbury, CT
Planted ByChoi      
Found By Choi
Last Found May 14 2010
Hike Distance?

The Letterboxing Bug Hunt at McMillen Park.
Place by Katelyn and Sarah Troop #4178
Originally listed by kikisar

Directions: From 172 turn onto Spruce Brook, make your first left onto Meadow Brook Rd. McMillen Park is at the end of this cul-de-sac. Park your car and enjoy the hike.

You will want to use bug spray for this walk. It is along a river and bugs seem to like the scenery.

The path is a 3 foot wide grass walkway. Just a little bit at the end do you actually go into a wooded area. It is very stroller friendly up to that point. You could carry a young child to get to the last box. At the end you go around a short loop into the woods and follow the same path back out to your car.

The walk is about 20min long in total without letterboxing. Plan on 30-40 minutes to complete this hike.

There are 5 letterboxes. There is a journal book is in the last box only. Please make sure you tuck these away carefully.

After you park your car you will see a picnic table. Look beyond the table and find the fallen tree. Along the edge Bug Box #1 will be.

Follow the path into the woods (along the river). As you go down a hill and see a tree growing sideways, look under me and there you will find Bug Box #2 below me.

Walk along and you will see a beaver chewed upon a tree. Enjoy the waterfall and check out the dam, the beavers been busy with his plan. Walk 35 steps and come upon but don’t step up on a boardwalk. Remove the step and use the stick to reach to the right and pull out Bug Box #3 for your delight. Please make sure this box is not visible to someone walking. Make sure it is tucked far enough back and the stick is not to visible.

Follow the path and cross a bridge, but don’t go too far. Before you step off get down on your knee and peek under the bridge to find the Bug Box after #3 (Bug Box #4).

Continue to walk and come to a V, you get to choose the choice is free. This is a loop, you can’t miss the next clue, look for a sign “Town of Southbury / Open Space Area”. The tree to the right is the last clue, look below me and there you will see the final Bug Box under the tree. Please remember to stamp our journal too.

Hope you enjoyed the hike.