Is She Mary?  LbNA # 25039

Placed DateAug 29 2006
CountySanta Fe
LocationSanta Fe, NM
Found BySnakeDoctor
Last UpdateOct 9 2013

Welcome to Santa Fe. In 1620 Don Pedro "founded" our city. His vision was to plan the city arouund a central plaza. Find the Plaza. Standing in the middle face the Palace of the Govenors, the oldest continually used building in the country. Under the portal you will see Native Americans selling their jewelry, pottery, paintings, food and more. To your right you will find a row of stores that offer great window shopping. Tempted? To your left is a bank/ATM. Now turn 180 degrees and you will spot the Five and Dime in the far corner. They have an extensive collection of postcards. Buy some. Write home.

Then meander down West San Francisco Street till you find 27 steps. At the top you'll be surrounded by many choices. You are looking for an establishment that the original owner wanted to call The Rubber Room. Someone else copyrighted it first. Too bad. The name she ended up with has a Santa Fe version of Mary in it.

Go inside. When all is quiet ask for the special Mary box behind the beaded cowgirl curtain. She is only available 10-5 Monday-Saturday. There is usually a chair out front to use to stamp.