Aesop's Fables; Book Two  LbNA # 25062

Placed DateMar 16 2006
LocationFulton, MO
Found By Kirbert
Last Found Jun 14 2008
Hike Distance?

This dell has become my favorite hiding spot. Even though I first visited it in the dead of winter; it was lush with ferns and moss. I can’t wait to return to see it in all its glory in the spring.

To discover the location, solve the riddle at the end of this clue.

Find Millersburg half way between Columbia and Fulton. Head east on Hwy F towards Fulton. Take the mystery county road north to a small parking area and gate. Pass the gate and follow the trail into the woods. Go down a gentle slope and find a meadow on your left and a creek crossing the trail just ahead. Cross it to the far side (west) and follow it on a meandering course into the forest. Keep on the right side and follow it until it intersects another little brook. Follow it to the right (westerly) down stream a short distance until you see another small stream entering the main stream from the south. This small creek has a lovely small entrance to a beautiful tight valley full of ferns and mosses and the charming little creek that twists its way back and forth through it. Cross the main brook and follow the smaller creek into its romantic little dell. Explore the creek on its right side, until you find a point where a two foot waterfall might be if enough water is present. To the left side of the creek, and back down just a bit is a tall, fat snag with a trunk laying beside it. Peer inside the hole on the trunk to the left and you’ll find your story.

Please be discreet in your LBing and prudent in your re-hideation and please contact me after your find.