Grandpa Bill  LbNA # 25066

Placed DateAug 27 2006
LocationFairmount, GA
Planted ByHamFam    
Found By P-Burd
Last Found Apr 7 2012
Hike Distance?

Whatever direction you are coming to Fairmount, GA. It's a very small town....don't blink! Turn between the two gas stations and head east on 53. Shortly after you turn you will see a place where John's son might be buried. Travel up the holy road until you reach the fork in the road. Choose the path on the right and stop where the superhero rests beside a wooden cross. Standing in this spot you will have a small mountain rising in front of you. In the grass about 50 yards away you will see a row of wooden sentinels with green regailia. The eighth one from the right guards your secret. Good luck.