Big and Little Sister  LbNA # 25076 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 29 2006
Location???, GA
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 8 2006
Hike Distance?

Big and Little Sister Letterbox

On a lovely Georgia day
I took my sister out to play.
I thought that we might see a lark
On Blue Bird Trail within Meeks Park.

Parked in a lot on the left
The third one I knew was best.
Used the lines all painted white
To cross the road and make it right.

The marker did display “ze-ro”
To start us on our way to go.
Lots of clues came in twos
And they are there for you to use.

On the left we saw bench one
Counting them became such fun!
We sisters started on our walk
Hoping we might see a hawk.

Kept looking out for sister trees
(Two trunks from one, if you please.
Along the trail are some such trees
Try to locate all of these.)

One home for birds we did see
We walked along and let it be.
Down the trail past two small rocks
We spied another nesting box.

Left at fork we did go
Two metal tubes let water flow.
A pile of rocks too big to fling
Around a corner saw a swing.

We liked the stroll along the brook
But stayed on the path we took.
We found swing number duce
There to honor Ronald Bruce.

At the giant sister trees
Take a heading: three-forty degrees.
On the left is what you seek
Up inside just take a peek.

When you find it
You will know,
There is still
Some more to go!

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