Top of the World Series- out of order 4/27/07  LbNA # 25128 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 2 2006
LocationManhattan, KS
Found By spanky_kc
Last Found Mar 20 2007
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The Greek classical elements are Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. They represent in Greek philosophy, science, and medicine the realms of the cosmos wherein all things exist and whereof all things consist. The four elements became the basis for western thinking about the natural world right up until the rise of chemistry in the 18th centry.
The Top of the World letterbox series consists of four boxes, each representing one element. They are located in Washington Marlatt Park. You will need to bring an ink pad and a pen.

Start at the kiosk by the parkinglot. Take the path to the left of the kiosk. About 15 feet down the path there is a smaller path to the left leading to a picnic table. Go to the picnic table and turn 180 degrees. Take 4 steps, turn to your left, then take 2 steps to the small tree. The tree has a hole at the base. The hole has been blocked by a stick which has experienced another one of the elements The AIR microbox is inside the hole in the tree.

Return to the path and turn left to walk around the park. Enjoy the tall grass prairie and wildflowers if it is the right season. The path will come to a T at the base of a hill. Turn right to go around the hill. On your way you will notice a group of three sister trees. Walk to the tree that has a scar on the north face. Face north and take 4 paces to a small log. The EARTH box is underneath the log.

Return to the path and keep going north. It will make a T. Turn right. Walk until the path makes another T. Turn left so the path leads through the woods. On your left hand side you will notice a dilapidated stone fireplace. The FIRE microbox is underneath the lone brick that is on top of organic debris. (This letterbox has been stolen by a packrat that lives in the fireplace and moved to the nest in a log behind the fireplace. It will recovered soon. 10/13/06)

Turn 180 degrees so that the stone fireplace is on your right. Return to the last T intersection and turn left, walking back towards the parking lot. You will have to cross a wooden bridge. The WATER box is underneath the bridge on the northernmost support. Watch out for any trolls lurking under the bridge. (The trolls, more packrats, have also stolen this box. They have moved it inside their nest and jammed the door with flowers. That is interesting to see. The box will be replaced soon.10/13/06)

Washington Marlatt Park is on Marlatt Ave, on the west side of N. Seth Child Rd. There are parkinglots for the park on both the left and the right sides of Marlatt Ave. The letterboxes are all in the park on the right (North) side of the road. These letterboxes have been placed by Cat Dr. and Nat and Bec Inc. Please contact us if you have any questions, and to report the state of the boxes.