A solemn place among the spirits and the pines! Mi  LbNA # 25151 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 2 2006
LocationRochester, MN
Planted ByMadam Nadja    
Found By pronetowanderfar
Last Found Oct 21 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 21 2015

Sorry letterbox is missing as of 6/1/07!

(15 minutes driving time+(45minutes round trip walking time)
Begin at the center of Rochester, MN at the intersection of Broadway and Center Street. Proceed south on Broadway for 1 mile. Follow the signs for HWY 14 East (turn left at lights. Travel 2.2 miles to County Rd 22. Take a left at the lights onto Cty Rd 22. Go 1.5 miles, over the railroad tracks and take the 1st left (Silver Creek Road) to Quarry Hill Nature Center. Follow road to Nature Center and park in lot. Walk west on the blacktop path (bikes are allowed and pets on leashes). Stay on this path past the Pond and Rock Loading plaques. You will pass more plaques, The Fireplace & Quarry Hill Cave. Stop to read them. Keep walking until you come to a clearing. If you look to your left through the trees you can see the barbed razor wire fence around the Federal Prison. The path will eventually change to a Northernly direction. Stay straight north. You will pass the Quarry Hill plaque (on the right) and the Historic Burr Oak tree and plaque on your left. Look to the right and you will see a stone pump house. Walk towards the pump house and you will see a State Hospital Cemetary Plaque and bench. Rest awhile. You will be facing straight East. Observe the clearing and the pines surrounding it. Walk East up the hill into the clearing to the second Memorial. Sit again and observe the sketches in the marble. Now look to the Southeast (right) and up the hill to 5 gravestones sticking out of the grass. The 3 in the center are the most prominent. From the furthest stone walk 28 paces to a clump of trees straight east from the gravestones. There are 4 tree trunks and one tree stump in the group. Look at the base of the eastern side of the trees where you will see a pile of rocks. It is there you will find the box. Remember to replace all the items and seal and put the rocks back when you are finished. On your way back towards the pumphouse, look for footstones in the grass of people who are buried here. If you have time take the trail up to the cave, walk over the floating bridge on the pond or go into the Nature Center. It is great fun!