Mad Musician - Violin  LbNA # 25181 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 3 2006
LocationUrbana, IL
Found By Katy
Last Found Jul 5 2007
Hike Distance?

You will need to bring your own ink pad and pen/pencil. This box is in a public area, so please be discreet, and make sure you re-hide it completely.

The Mad Musician went to go listen to the orchestra at a nearby performing arts venue. However, he soon realized that the conductor was yet another person who had refused to let him play in their group ... he had steam rolling out of his ears!!

Without thinking, he ran up on stage, grabbed the principle violinist's violin, and ran out of the great hall into the bowels of the buidling. As he found his way outside, he was frantically trying to find a hiding place, he knew he needed to get away from the croweded areas.

He was wandering around the building, kicking rocks as he went, and he chanced to look down over the railing, to the sidewalk below. There were several members of the orchestra (including the violin's owner) milling about, and discussing where to look next. He realized he was right over the stage entrance! Smiling evilly to himself, he decided to hide the violin right there in the rocks, not 20 feet away from the very person he took it from!