The Firefighter Letterbox  LbNA # 25189

OwnerNJ Carole    
Placed DateSep 3 2006
LocationBlairstown, NJ
Found By Carmel7
Last Found Jul 30 2011
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 19 2015

The Firefighter Letterbox
Moderate to Difficult hike – moderately easy clues
Placed by NJCarole & Mopar

Start in Blairstown and head out of town on Millbrook road toward the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. As you head out of town and into the Recreation area you will be driving up a very steep incline. The Applachian trail (AT) crosses Millbrook Road at this point. You should park at the side of the road and face south on the AT. You will be traveling along the fire road and AT on the way to this box.

- Head south where only emergency and authorized vehicles are allowed.
- Follow the fire road
- Go left off of road onto AT up a steepish hill
- Rejoin the fire road, head left, and keep going up steepish hill
- The fire road will head take a left hand turn up a steep hill, and the AT will continue straight ahead of you – follow the AT.
- Again rejoin the road and head right on a flatter section of road.
- As you continue up the ridge you will come upon the Catfish fire tower.
- The AT will continue beyond the tower along the ridge of the mountain.
- Pick your way along the trail for a few hundred feet.
- The trail will head left towards the edge and then back right along a flat area.
- You will see a large rock on the right side of the trail about 10 paces off of the trail.
- What you seek is under the left side of the large rock next to a tree.
- You will walk about a total of 100 paces beyond the fire tower (1 pace = 2 steps) to get to the letterbox.
- You will need to retrace your steps to return back to your car.
- I hope you enjoy the walk, but do please be careful because the AT trail can be very rough at times. This is a dog friendly walk if kept on a leash! Our puppy had a great time!!