Halloween Town -parts 3 &4  LbNA # 25193 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 3 2006
LocationCircleville, OH
Found By Snow Bear
Last Found Dec 16 2008
Hike Distance?

Halloween Town-part 3- ZERO

Who Let the Dog Out? Jack can't seem to find his after-life companion, Zero. Maybe he's run off. Or maybe those monstrous boys of Oogie Boogie are behind his disappearance; since they seem to be missing as well.

Once again, we enter the Forest Cemetary on Court Street in Circleville, Ohio through the main gate. Make a left past the mother Flag and her children. Take a right at the Rausenberger Y. Where is that crazy ghost dog?!! I see a BYRD in the distance to the left and a WOLF to the right-but no sign of Zero. Wait- There's some KIBLERS and WATERS to the left. We must be on his trail. Let's go left along the STOUTS. I see BELLS to the right and another WOLF. Keep going. Make a right at the GRIFFEY's/marker 36. To the right, I see an open door at the COLEMAN's. No, Zero's not in there. He's past the CURTAIN on the left. I do hope he's watching for cars. Is he HEER to the right? No. Go straight at 34-B/34G where you'll find a PLUMMER on the right. What's that at the far right corner of these crossroads? Oh, that's just RUDOLPH. Easy mistake-they both have glowing noses! Travel on forward. I see a LAKE in the distance to the left. Let's go to the LAKE and see if he's there. No sign of Zero so let's travel NW for 18 paces from the LAKE so we can see MOORE. Seeing MOORE, journey on about 9 paces south to the HAMPSHIRE. Looking south from the HAMPSHIRE, I see PARKS. Zero loved the PARKS. Let's go further south about 10 paces to see if he's there. No sign of Zero, but look to the southeast at the big white marker that's been blackened on top from age. Jack and Zero's favorite colors! Travel about 11 paces to this marker. What else could sweep a levitating ghost dog off his feet, causing him to just disappear? Of course- a VALENTINE! I'll bet he's fast asleep in the big pine bush in front of the GOODMAN's!
Now we know where Zero's been hiding, please place back better than found. Hope you've enjoyed!!!--Katiebug
Part 4- Oogie Boogie's Boys

So where are those pesky children of Halloween Town?

From Zero's resting place, step onto the closest road and travel east past several SAMPLE's at your left. Go straight at the crossroads, past the TEEGARDIN of STEELE. Beyond the CURTAINS to your right, make a right at 51E. I see a couple of HORNs to the right, but they don't belong to Lock! Wait- there's a round STOVER to the left. Let's go there. Look behind the round STOVER to the MULLOY. I know how they love snails! They must be close! Aha! Looking up from the snails at the MULLOY, there's a black maple tree. Of course- They are buried at the base of this tree planning to build a new torturous tree house!
Again, hope you've enjoyed and please place back better than found. Happy trails!!! --Katiebug
I believe we've been tricked! It's merely a Halloween Town greeting! So where are the real Shock, Lock, and Barrel? To be continued...