Embebe Box#1  LbNA # 25196 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 30 2006
LocationMineral, CA
Planted ByEmbebe    
Found By
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Bear with me!! I am having trouble importing the actual puzzle! I should have it or a link shortly!!1
A crossword puzzle has been created to add an additional challenge in locating the box. The puzzle must be solved before attempting to find the box, there are a few important details that you need to know before starting on this venture. You can access additional information in helping you solve the puzzle by reading "Peak Experience," the official newspaper of Lassen Volcanic National Park. or researching the Park website at www.nps.gov/lavo .
1. The box is located inside Mount ------ National Park.
4. Find the Mt. ------ observation pointe. There is a plaque with an outline of where this mountain was before it errupted.
5. Count 177 ----- back down the trail from #4.
6. Look for the big ---- on the right hand side of the trail. This has another triangular shaped one leaning next to it. A large crevace is between these two.
9. You can also see -------- mountain from this same spot.

2. The entrance fee into the park is --- dollars per vehicle.
3. The box is on the ------- ---- trail.
7. From this spot when looking out to the valley two pairs of trees will frame your view. You CAN see -------- Peak.
8. From this same spot, you CANNOT see ------- pointe.