Ode to Charlotte  LbNA # 25200 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 3 2006
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By Yippee
Last Found Jul 14 2010
Hike Distance?

[UPDATE!! As of 4-11-12 Charlotte lost her top and all of her contents were completely soaked causing the stamp to crumble. Thus, she has pulled for repair. As soon as I can redo the stamp, logbook, and her top, I will get her back into place though this may take a few months. If you are interested in finding this box, please email me to help motivate me to get it back in place sooner.]

This letterbox was a winning entry in the Now You See It, Now You Don’t contest. The goal of this Mid Missouri Letterboxers project was to hide boxes within viewing distance of well-traveled thoroughfares. Camouflage is the name of the game, so searchers will be working out in the public. As C2B2 said, "please use all the stealth of a big game hunter and try your very best to keep anyone from noticing your stalk."

I've always believed the best strategy is to go bold and this box indeed proved to be a favorite of its finders for its heart racing bold hunt.

I've always loved Charlotte's Web and so dedicate this box to her. Its bold nature for all to see is reminiscent of that “Some Pig” she so loved and saved. My only hope is that this box is not as short lived as its namesake. Wilbur was with Charlotte to start but she sent that fine HH into the world to share her sentiments.

When finding the box, discretion is of the utmost. Sit a spell behind her and wait for an opportune moment to arise. Please be gentle removing the top, you need to gently twist and be sure to not displace Charlotte's resting spot. Please replace the top and take the contents of the box and stamp elsewhere. Use equal stealth in replacing the contents. BYOI.

On to the clue...
Follow Providence’s guidance and begin with a Broad look for the Way. Face the winter sun at midday and walk towards the two towers. She stands behind a city tree donned in white below an olde medicine shoPpe that fell Victim to the walton Clan. Her name is plainly written across her cap but be very gentle as you spin her top to see her web. And above all BE DISCREET with all the traffic. You will need to be sneaky, cunning and somewhat bold but whatever you do, don’t let Convenience find you.