Woods of the Carillon Trail  LbNA # 25211

OwnerOne Foot Gull    
Placed DateSep 2 2006
LocationBrooklyn Park, MN
Found By One Foot Gull
Last Found Sep 23 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 23 2015

Begin at the carillon of Brooklyn Park. Sail south by southeast across the black sea. Don’t be distracted by the two diamonds. You’ll see them again later. Pass through Nordby’s metal embrace and find a wood chip trail marked by a great willow on your left. Follow the trail to the green swamp with the downed tree, where the wood chip trail will curve up to your right past a three-trunk tree and onward along the water into the woods.

Hidden Bamboo Grove Box #1:

Follow the trail through the woods until you come to a “T”. Go south 10 paces and then southeast 10 paces to the top of a small mound of dirt. Turn east and walk 20 paces to a split tree. Look beyond the split tree and see a grove of “bamboo”. This plant inspired the stamp for our first box. It was introduced to the U.S. in the late 1800s as an ornamental plant and is now considered an invasive species. A member of the buckwheat family, it is also known as false bamboo, Japanese Knotwood or Mexican Bamboo (polygonum cuspidatum). Return to the mound and proceed south (about 150 degrees).

Follow the path to a big pile of wood. Step over a piece of broken concrete. Duck under the arching tree branches and turn right to get to the other side of the pile of wood. Follow the natural path where the trees and grasses meet, until you reach a dirt trail marked by a silvery piece of twisted metal and an opening in the tree line. Go south, down a slight hill, to a big tree with a split. Go left at the split tree trail and follow a long piece of pipe down to another fork, marked by a tree with two trunks. Walk six paces on the right track. Turn slightly right and see another split tree with two big branches hanging down. Your first box is deep in the “V”, above your head, where the two trunks meet.

Retrace your steps back to the first “T” in the trail by the false bamboo grove to pick up the next trail.

Carillon Creek Box #2:

At the “T”, go east. See a parking lot and pass through the trees to the lot. Go over the grassy hill at the southwest end of the lot. Look left at the top of the hill and spot the pond. Pick up your trail where the grasses and trees meet, near the pond’s edge. Follow the weedy path through the grasses and into the trees where it opens up to a dirt footpath. Follow the trail, sticking closest to the pond whenever you come to a fork in the path. Proceed east over downed trees, curving along the water’s edge until you come to the troll’s home. Here, the trail becomes a well-used, paved path. Stop and look out over the creek. If you’re quiet you might see turtles and water birds fishing.

Travel westward along the north shore until you come to a fork in the trail, near a road. Turn around and walk back 50 paces east, along the path. Turn left (north), and look at the trees. There should be a thin tree with a birdhouse off to your right. The tree with the largest trunk will be straight ahead of you. Look around to be sure that there are no bikers or walkers around. This is a busy path. Leave the path and walk to the tree. Go around the right side and you’ll see the two diamonds off in the distance. At your feet, spot two downed tree trunks running almost parallel to the path, and covered with large fans of conk (tree fungus). The box is between the two logs, hiding under some large sticks. Be sure to cover the box well when you leave and look for people, before you tromp down through the grass to re-enter the trail.

Take the trail to the road and curve north past the two diamonds and you’ll see the carillon across the black sea, in the distance. On the hour, you may hear her song.