Grand Adventure  LbNA # 25213 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 2 2006
CountySan Bernardino
LocationChino Hills, CA
Planted ByS.T.A.R.4    
Found By Anc Fam
Last Found May 27 2007
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 28 2015

The "Grand Adventure" is located at Grand Ave Park in Chino Hills. This is a great park for a family adventure. The park is located at 1301 Grand Ave, near the border of Chino Hills and Diamond Bar. Enter the park and find the archway furthest from the hockey rink. Follow the concrete path toward the playground. Continue on the path past the tennis courts. In the grass area look for three light purple irrigation control box lids in the grass. From these lids look for the sign with a wheelchair on it near the dirt path. Enter the trail near the sign and head East. If you spot a large dead tree on the ground beyond the chain link fence you are headed in the right direction. Continue on the dirt trail until you find a small red school house in the play area. Continue on the dirt trail 10 steps from the school house. Find the area where the chain link fence meets the green wrought iron fence. In front of this area you will see vinyl fencing at the edge of the trail. Directly in front of the area where the chain link fence meets the green iron fence you will see a vinyl fence post. Behind this post (in the plant area) look for a chunk of concrete. (it may be covered with leaves). Under the concrete you will find the "Grand Adventure" letter box. Please be discrete and use caution as there are snakes in the area.