MOM  LbNA # 25231

OwnerAstro D    
Placed DateSep 4 2006
LocationHouston, TX
Found ByWry Me
Last UpdateMay 11 2013

I'm in town visiting my Mom, so this letterbox is dedicated to her - and to a couple of other Houston letterboxin' Moms!

You will begin your search at the azimuth mark for benchmark AW6738. Look at the marker carefully. Note the year the marker was placed. An arrow on the marker will indicate the general direction you will be walking (the arrow will point down a road, but you will be following an asphalt trail just south of the road). Locate the trail and head down it. After about 5 minutes, you will come to a stop sign. Turn right here, onto pavement. Then turn left in front of the gate. Remember that date on the azimuth mark? Use the last 2 digits of the date as the number of paces you will walk down the dirt trail past the trail marker at the east end of the gate. After your paces, you should be at a point along the trail where there is a stump on your left and then a large pine tree which is next to the trail (actually, I hear this is now a 5' tall stump). Camo letterbox is on the back side of the first stump, under leaves and a big piece of bark. Enjoy and please re-hide well!