Acorn  LbNA # 25261

Ownershepherd of the hill    
Placed DateAug 31 2006
LocationWooster, OH
Found By farmergirl200
Last Found Aug 22 2015
Hike Distance?

Hike: 0.75 mile to box; easy to moderate

Wooster Memorial Park, also known locally as Spangler Park, was donated to the city of Wooster by Paul Spangler, a local teacher. Four loop trails, in lengths ranging from 1.2 to 3.6 miles, invite hikers to experience the wooded ridges and ravines of this lovely natural area. Some of the trails involve shallow creek wading, and all contain some hill climbing. Bring bug spray! The front area of the park has restroom facilities and picnic tables and pavilions, but no water supply.

To Wooster Memorial Park: From the gazebo on the square in downtown Wooster, take Liberty Street west. Turn left on West Old Lincoln Way; continue 3.2 miles to the stop sign and blinking light at State Route 250. Turn right and go 0.8 miles; turn right on Jefferson Rd. At the stop sign you will see the park across the road to the left.

If you like learn more about Spangler Park


Follow the path entering the woods by the sign. Turn left at the old water pump and travel 0.2 miles to the trailhead sign, where you will turn left to follow the yellow Education Trail. When you reach the sign that points two different directions, go right. When the trail emerges into an open grassy area, go right, following the edge of the forest until it enters the trees again. Cross a bridge and climb a short hill, then emerge into another open area, again going right along the edge of the forest, following a mowed path.

At the point where the mowed trail makes a hard left turn, watch for what looks like a deer path into the trees. (If you reach the intersection with the Spangler Trail, you went too far; go back 45 steps.)

Follow the deer path. Just inside the treeline, look right to find a pile of rocks. From that point go 10 steps at 90 degrees toward a double-trunked tree, then 29 steps at 56 degrees to a fallen tree lying in a north-south direction. The box is hiding under the south end of the fallen tree. Did this nut fall far from the tree?

You have hiked 0.75 mile of this loop trail. You may choose to continue ahead, turn right at the intersection and go about 0.5 mile back to the trailhead; this choice includes a walk along open ledges (keep children in hand) and a long, steep climb at the end. Or you may return the way you came, a longer but easier walk.