Hundred Acre Island  LbNA # 25268

Placed DateSep 2 2006
LocationShelton, WA
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Hundred Acre Island

An Invitation to visit Hope Island where one will find a Hundred Acre Forest plus six acres of wetlands, meadows, beaches and an old farm. The best way, and useful to know that the only way to get on the island is by boat. A Thought: It would be possible to swim there, if one were wearing a wet suit.

Caretakers live on the island from April through October and are of a friendly sort, as long as you haven't brought other friends of the four-legged kind.

Late summer is a good time to go visiting and pick some apples from the hundred year old apple trees. We picked some apples to share with Christopher Robin but didn't see him. Maybe he will be back soon.

The best way to tour the island is by walking the loop trail. We saw Rabbit by the trail heading three hundred degrees from where Medicine Wood and Island Belle Bounty meet. He was behind a large cedar, after a hundred and fifty paces where there is a small rabbit trail on the left.

After visiting with Rabbit continue on to the Northside where there is a nice sandy beach and enjoy your apples.

Signed A Friend of Rabbit's,

P.S. This stamp originates from the Hundred Acre Wood PLB.