Fiddler’s Elbow Letterbox  LbNA # 25286

OwnerNJ Carole    
Placed DateSep 4 2006
LocationStillwater, NJ
Found By TheDragonLady
Last Found Apr 16 2009
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Fiddler’s Elbow Letterbox
Moderate to Moderately Difficult hike – moderately easy clues
Placed by NJCarole, Luckywolf & Mopar

Start in Stillwater and head out of town on Fairview Lake Road toward the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Fairview Lake Road ends at a gate when you juat enter the Recreation area. This is were you begin your hike

- Park at turn around and face metal gate.
- Walk around (or under if you wish) metal gate and begin 0.4 mile climb up fiddler’s elbow.
- Walk around second gate (almost at top of the hill) and then continue to the Y.
- Head right at the Y on the gravel road. Walk past the “area closed sign”.
- Walk about 12 paces and notice an old road on the right that heads through the woods toward the edge of the mountain.
- Go around the dirt pile and follow this nice quiet road through the woods as it heads left to follow the edge of the mountain.
- Walk about ¼ mile and notice a lookout to your right. This use to be the site of a home, not too many years ago.
- From the largish tree at the right hand side of the entrance to the lookout, look 60 degrees to see a large rock (about 15 or so paces in the woods).
- What you seek is under the far side of the large rock hidden in camouflage cloth.
- You will need to retrace your steps to return back to your car.
- I hope you enjoy the walk, and make sure you enjoy the view from the lookout. This is a dog friendly walk if kept on a leash! Our puppy had a great time!!