Skink's Face-off  LbNA # 25304 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Hunter Bears    
Placed DateSep 5 2006
LocationHartsville, SC
Found By K-6 Family
Last Found Jan 15 2007
Hike Distance?

This box is currently missing...

After being unavailable for a time, this box was hidden in a new spot on Oct. 2, 2011.

Where: Kalmia Gardens
1624 W. Carolina Avenue
Hartsville, SC 29550

Follow Skink's journey through Kalmia Gardens to discover with whom he had his face-off.

Enter the gardens and park to the left of the white house. Pick up a map of the gardens at the information stand. You'll need this to find your way out.

Our tale begins at the herb garden where Skink was eating lunch.

Find the picnic tables and go to the trail on the right. The herb garden will be on your left.

After lunch, Skink was thirsty, so he scampered to the artesian well.

Follow the gravel trail. Stay to the left and walk down the stairs. Follow the boardwalk to a three-way fork. The artesian well is down the right fork. Get a drink!

After a drink, Skink sauntered to his favorite place.

Head back to the fork and turn right. Follow the boardwalk to its end. Take the first right (at the azaleas). Travel uphill and continue straight to the pond. Find the dock.

At the dock, Skink stopped to say "hello" to his fish friends, but was surprised to see his enemy waiting for him. He stared deeply into the eyes of his foe. After a few minutes, voices were heard approaching the glade. He glanced across the pond, saw his home, and rushed for it.

Look across the pond and locate the large loblolly pine. Then, with your back to the pond, go to the left out of the glade and continue left on the trail until you reach the other side of the pond.

As Skink rushed into his home behind the 'red' tree, he thought of the previous moment and what could have happened.

You will find what you seek behind the 'red' tree to the right of the pine; it is buried under needles and sticks. The stamp will reveal Skink's foe.
After logging in, please reseal the bags carefully and close up the plastic box tightly. Bury it completely where no passerby would discover it. Use your map to exit.