Brown County Penguin  LbNA # 25307 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 4 2006
LocationNashville, IN
Planted ByPenguin Man    
Found By redheads
Last Found Jul 16 2011
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is hidden in Brown County State park. Start at trail number 6 near lake strahl. From the beginning of the trail you will climb a couple flights of wooden stairs onto a wooden walkway at the edge of strahl lake. The lake should be to your left. Continue down the path until you come to a wooden bridge. At the end of this bridge turn North East and head 30 paces up stream.(Pace=1 step)Be careful not to be seen by people walking the trail. (The stream was dry when I was there, but there may be water running down it, so be careful.) If you look up hill to your left you should see a beach tree with a large letter "Z" carved in it. Head up hill in the direction of this tree and continue up hill for about 10 feet. About 5 feet up hill from this tree you should see a large rock sticking out of the side of the hill. Underneath this rock on the left side should be the letterbox. This one is in a Mason jar and contains a homemade penguin stamp. I hope you had fun finding this. When you get done please make sure to put everything back in its place nice and snug so nothing gets washed down hill by the rain.