A Bear's Tail  LbNA # 25308

Placed DateSep 6 2006
Location???, MO
Found By ???
Last Found Apr 29 2011
Hike Distance?

This LB is highly recommended for youngsters whether they be young or old. It is a grand walk through the woods with a nice bonus. The area it is hidden in is rich in wildlife so keep your eyes open for deer and turkey. As such be aware of local hunting seasons and dress accordingly. Also be aware that any dark holes or rocky spots in Mid-MO should be thoroughly prodded with pokey-sticks to ensure no critters are enjoying the box before you do.

The first section of this clue is encrypted using the old key word shift cipher. If you are unfamiliar with it, simply refer to my Wallace & Gromit series of LBs for a full explanation. If you’re still having trouble, feel free to contact me.

To find the key word answer this question. Whose wood lies east of the Columbia airport?


Road cuts left then quickly right. As you make the left, find the orange farm gate on the left. Park near it, but don’t block it. To the east of the gate the trail runs east into the woods. Make your way along the trail through old hardwood and cedar forest. After passing through a thick patch of old Cedars, the woods will become markedly clearer with no cedars and little undergrowth, as you enter this section look for a downed log of medium size on the right edge of the trail. It is old with no branches and you’ll meet the root end first. It lays on a bearing of 120°. Begin counting paces at the root end. At 35 paces the trail will cut left then cuts right at 41 paces. At 57 paces find a large, straight and tall black oak on the left edge of the trail. Standing next to it you’ll spy a large snag at 178°. Travel 247° 8 paces from the tall oak and trail to find a medium sized white oak with a comfy hiding spot in its base. The hole faces SW. 245° 12 paces brings you to a medium sized black oak ‘V’. Standing on the near side, look 180° which leads directly under a small tree with sharp bend in it. Follow this bearing, passing under the bend until you find yourself standing on a large rock outcropping. Directly in front of you will be an old fence and an old tree with enormous growth at its base. Drop down to the low side of the outcropping and face it, so rock is in front of you and the fence and tree with growth is behind. Kneel down and you’ll find a secret door which hides the tail you seek. Please notice how the door sits so you can replace it exactly as you found it.

As always, please be discreet in your Letterboxing and prudent in your re-hideation.