It's a Dog's Life in NC too  LbNA # 25321 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 6 2006
LocationElon, NC
Planted ByShi eh ree    
Found By The Schaefer Family
Last Found Oct 3 2008
Hike Distance?

At the far end of Beth Schmidt park, off Cook Road in Elon, is the first dog park in Alamance county. This letterbox is a tribute to Butch, the best Yorkie on the planet, and to all the other dogs that enrich their owners’ lives in more ways than you can count.

Enter Beth Schmidt park and find the nature trail entrance closest to the gazebo. If you bring your pet, be sure to take along a doggie litter bag provided for you. Follow the path until it ends in a T. Turn right and continue on the path. You’ll pass through a clearing with the shell of a cabin in it. Keep going until you see the dog park fence. Just before the trail ends, there is a V shaped tree. Stand in front of the tree and do an about face. You’ll see one of dog’s best friends, and behind it, under the sound a dog makes, is your treasure