Witches Brew temp. box  LbNA # 25322 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 5 2006
LocationNew Fairfield, CT
Planted ByTravelingfrog    
Found By 2mnyshuz
Last Found Nov 1 2006
Hike Distance?

Witches Brew temp. box

This is a temporary box. Stamp will be removed and changed after halloween.

Location: Squantz Pond State Park, New Fairfield.
Directions: From the center of New Fairfield at the traffic light head North on Route 39 aprox 3 miles. Just after the fire house on your left you will see a road bearing left and Squantz Pond should be visible through the trees ahead. Turn left onto this road and then right into the first Parking lot where the boat launch is. You can do this only after labor day. Otherwise there is a fee and you must enter through the upper lot.

Where you Park the pier is near
Walk on out and see if a duck is near
Boats float by and fish are about
even if there are rain clouds out
Walk off the pier
Keeping the water to your rear
Turning right
you start your plight
Walk along to where burgers and fries used to be sold
It is now a park office so I am told
A lone white chair upended on the sand
Head on down but hold the little ones hand
Enjoy the view it can be peaceful and grand
Head back to the office and walk along the fair
Look to your left for a Large caveman’s chair
A bit farther up you will see
Two very large rocks surrounding a pine tree
A few more steps and look to your right
A service road between two trees what a sight
Down the road and over a brook
You don’t have much farther to look
Oh look a picnic grove
Go to the nearest outdoor stove
Take a reading of 200*
Take 33 steps to some gnarly trees
Look to the base of the tree behind
A treasure you are sure to find

I hope you enjoy your hunt Please let me know how your adventure went
There is another box also in this park. Happy Boxing.