H.B. Van Duzer  LbNA # 25380

OwnerEccentric Suttons    
Placed DateAug 7 2006
LocationLincoln City, OR
Found By kimbalaya
Last Found Mar 25 2016
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H.B. Van Duzer Forest
State Scenic Area

This letter box has been placed at the H.B. Van Duzer Forest scenic area on Highway 18 between McMinnville and Lincoln City. It has been placed in the westbound rest area, on the north side of the highway. This is about 15 miles from Lincoln City and is an excellent place to get out of the car and stretch your legs to enjoy an area of first growth Douglas firs that have been preserved here.
To locate this letterbox, begin at the large tree stump close to the women's entrance for the rest rooms. From here you'll want to go northwest, skirting the picnic area, and you will find a dirt trail that is quite obvious. When you have gone about 65 to 70 paces from the tree stump, you will come to a collection of about 4 or 5 small logs on the left side of the trail.
Directly to your left are two great old Douglas Fir trees with a short downed log between them. Step over the small logs near the trail and search at the base of the huge fir tree nearest the trail.
The letterbox is located in a hidey-hole in the base of that nearest tree. A plastic mayonnaise jar that has been painted gray was used for this letter box and should be easy to find under a little debris.
Enjoy the rest of your trip and drive carefully.