Aphrodite  LbNA # 25382 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 6 2006
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By The P's
Last Found Jul 31 2011
Hike Distance?

This LB was created as part of a competition for the Mid-MO Spring LB Gathering of 2006 ‘There and Back Again’. If you’d like to learn more about past and future gatherings, please look at C2B2’s excellent site at; www.midmoletterboxing.blogspot.com

The starting location of this LB is encrypted using a key word shift cipher. For an explanation of this cipher, take a look at my Wallace & Gromit series posted in this same region.


To decode this cipher you’ll need the key word. The key word is the answer to this simple question. Aphrodite was the goddess of what?

Continue up the right side of the valley noticing a large ‘island’ rising from the middle of the valley floor. This is your Mount Olympus. As you near the tip of Mount Olympus, the trail will split. Go left through the field to a four way intersection. You will go right along the NE side of Olympus. From the intersection take 17 paces and find a small, hidden trail on the left leading into the woods. 9 paces in will have you at a large grapevine. From this vine, go 290° to a colossal tree, part of which has split and fallen. Stand on its N side. Go up 245°, crest the rise and pick up the trail. Take the trail right. Find a tall, fat snag standing on the right. Continue on the trail. At 9 paces you’ll encounter a large downed tree on the left. 9 paces more and you’ll meet a tree on the left of the trail whose root stretches out and into the trail. From this tree, set off 5 paces at 20° to a tree who has been pushing up rocks on its E and has a strong root on its W. Stand on the pushed up rocks facing downhill. Look at 67° (through a small sapling) you’ll note a large flat stone. Stand on the low side, facing the tree and feel under its edge. Toward the left find a guardian stone concealing and protecting this goddess.

As this spot is close to the trail, relocating to stamp in may be advised.

Please be discreet in your letterboxing and prudent in your re-hideation. Guardian stones are important. Please replace them.