Fall Spree Series #4 -Liberty Park  LbNA # 25414 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWee Walkers    
Placed DateSep 9 2006
LocationHudson, OH
Found By SunnySmile2
Last Found Aug 8 2009
Hike Distance?

Several reports that this one is missing. I have not been out to confirm.

Summit County Metroparks Sponsors a Fall Hiking Spree. This is the 43rd year the event has occured. This LB will be one of 8 in a series. If you complete the 8 walks you can submit a form and recieve a metal badge to nail to a walking stick. You can check out more info and park maps etc at www.summitmetroparks.org

Liberty Park has more than one entrance, you want the entrance on Liberty Street which can be reached off Cannon. Once in the parking lot head to trailhead which is behind the bathrooms and behind the soccer fields. The Sugarbush Trail is marked with a cotton blossom (looks like a hurricane symbol from the weather map!). Enter the trail as it heads to the left and meanders into the woods. Just upon entering the woods look up to the right for the unique shape and design in the rotten tree. Looks like a halloween decoration! Spooky. As you walk along you'll pass under two very thin tree tunnels. Just as the path turns to the right you'll see a large branch that fell off an oak tree. The branch has been cut so the pass is accessible. Just beyond this 'clearing' be on the lookout for a large tree in the right side of the path that has 5 limbs at its top. Stand with your back to the tree and toes toward the path and look 180'. See the large fallen tree and its 25' stump? There are two branches laying on the ground one heads in a more Northerly direction. Inside this hollow log you'll find your LB. Continue on the path and out intot he grassy field and make your way back to the parking lot. Be sure to record this hike on your Spree Log.