Urban Sanctuary #1 - The Treasure  LbNA # 25429

OwnerThe Baker Boxers      
Placed DateSep 9 2006
LocationPortland, OR
Found ByLadies of The Bridge
Last UpdateJul 19 2008


AS OF JUNE 2010 this letterbox is apparently not in place - sorry! Will try to see if it was put in the wrong spot....

This is our first letterbox in a series of family-friendly urban searches. Our goal is to create fun-to-find letterboxes for those who have kids or who are just kids at heart. We put in my daughter's choice stamp, and the next day I hand-carved one, feeling guilty that it was a store-bought. They are both there... :-)

The Treasure is an easy walk, although there are some stairs so, followed exactly, it is not wheelchair accessible.

Please let us know what you think! Or, of course, if it is not there.

Urban Sanctuary #1 - The Treasure!

Head for a haven for Portland hippies,
Where Patchouli wafts through the air.
Division? No. Belmont? Not quite.
Somewhere between here and there.

Landmarks galore: temples Masonic,
McMenamin’s (twice), and Bower’s divine;
You’re getting closer – look for the toys
(And browse the store if you have time!)

Now it’s time to leave busy behind,
To head for some peace and quiet.
Head north a few blocks, but take your time,
Or you might walk right by it.

A big white church on the Main corner –
Take a right – head east – but beware!
A dragon mumbles, his mouth full of marbles,
Says sleepily, ‘You’re almost there.’

See the stairs? Aren’t they strange? The ones to the right;
Stepping up after first stepping down…
Once you have climbed them get ready to play
You’ve discovered a hidden playground.

Climb across the iron mushrooms, try not to get hurt!
Stay a while, climb a bit, try the slide
Go past the net as you head toward the gate
Pass through it and you’ll have arrived.

Ah, peace and quiet, a small place to rest
“I’ve found the treasure!” you soon will boast!
What you are seeking, as you may have guessed,
Is tucked beside the southwesterly post.

Thank you for seeking our first letterbox –
Our family hid it together.
Sara chose the container and the little stamp,
Mama chose the book made of leather.
Daddy and Josie came out with us too,
On a cool evening in September.
We hope that you played and had fun while you searched
Please sign our book, so you remember!

The Baker Boxers