Anne's House of Dreams--Our Favorite Books #3  LbNA # 25461

Placed DateSep 10 2006
LocationMansfield, CT
Planted ByDryad    
Found By burning feet
Last Found May 3 2011
Hike Distance?

Anne's House of Dreams is the fifth book in the Anne of Green Gable's series. I suppose it has always been my favorite, because it is romantic, shows growth, and has a bit of tragedy. In other words, it mirrors real life.

Drive Rt. 89 to the Mansfield Public Library (Buchanan Center). Park in the lot on the south side (away from the playground). At the back of the parking lot, you will find a sign for the J. David Memorial Trail. (which exists on Joshua Trust land) Follow this trail. You will circle half way around a pond in a hollow, keeping it to your left. The path parellels two streets, and appears to end in a pull off. If you stay to the left, you will see it reappear on the other side. Keep following the trail. You will pass the #3 box of The Pink Panther series. At the Y in the trail, Keep right. You'll see another small pool in the hollow to your right and a kettle hole to your left. Count 34 paces (count one foot only!) You will see a short stump 2 or 3 yards to the left of the trail. Inside the stump you will find Anne's House of Dreams. Please stamp and reseal WELL, as this is a rather damp hiding place! If you want, you can also continue down the trail to find In Search of...Bunyip of the Billabong