High Rocks  LbNA # 2547

Placed DateMay 3 2003
LocationBurnsville, NC
Found By Lady Luna
Last Found Mar 12 2006
Hike Distance?

(Please do not put this box into a plastic bag. Thank you.)

Compass helpful. Where US Hwy 19W crosses the AT, park in the pull out and take the white blazes trail on that side of the road heading for Sam's Gap. Look up once in a while and pay special attention to the double blazes indicating turns - one is a real doozy at a left switchback. After about 2 miles of mostly easy hike, go past where you think you ought to stop. From the summit marker, go up via the blue blazes to the "T." From the "T," take 24 small woman steps to the left. An elliptical lichen host about 4' high is on your right. Read 020 and you'll see a high rock with a smaller rock cuddled up to it. Your prize is wedged at the bottom. Be sure to go all the way for the breeze and views and a great napping place, if you can sleep on granite!