If You Had Tall Blue Hair You'd Run Away Too  LbNA # 25502

OwnerY's Guys    
Placed DateAug 31 2006
LocationMount Vernon, WI
Found By Slinky Malinky
Last Found Aug 12 2012
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Approximately 1 mile

Find the county park located off Highway 92 at 1870 Sutter Road, southeast of the "Troll Capital of the World”, just west of Mount Vernon.

If available, pick up a trail map at the parking lot kiosk.

Start at the parking lot next to Pop’s Knoll;
Pass Delma’s Shelter and begin your quest at Donald Trailhead;
Pass under the trailhead marker and continue on this “Hiking Only” trail;
Pass a wooden bridge on the left built over Fryes Feeder Creek;
You will soon approach, and then cross, a wooden bridge that spans Deer Creek;
Just after crossing this bridge you will need to make a #1 choice: Choose RIGHT.
At the fork in the road, go left on the “Hiking Only” trail (sorry, no horses allowed!);
Go up…up…up…till you reach the flat, level hilltop (start going downhill=too far).
Take a rest on the old, primitive log bench on the left and at a 285-degrees compass bearing, one of the oldest, largest oak trees on the knoll awaits your visit. Looks like it got struck by lightning! (Yes! It definitely got hit by lightning! Make sure you're looking at the correct tree! One finder reported another newly built "primitive" sitting bench about 25 yards prior to the bench at the top, level, hilltop)!The Horeb runaway is on the west side hiding under some rocks!

You may now retrace the trail back the way you came or continue on. If you continue: when you reach the #7 intersection choose right and follow the trail as it loops clockwise back to the same wooden bridge that crosses Deer Creek.