Legend Of The Wisconsin River  LbNA # 25504

OwnerY's Guys    
Placed DateSep 6 2006
LocationBoscobel, WI
Found By wolf trackers
Last Found Nov 4 2013
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Time 5-10 minutes

CHECKED: July 2007=OK

(NOTE: NOT WINTER FRIENDLY. Information plaques are stored over winter & LB can't be found if snow is on the ground.)

Floyd Von Haden Boat Landing and Recreation Area is located on Highway 61 at the Wisconsin River Bridge/Hwy 60, just north of Boscobel.

Locate the first informational station about “The River”.
Fill in the blanks:
“According to American Indian legends the Wisconsin River was created by a _________or _________, which took form of a _________ _________. One day the ________ traveled from his home in the great forest to the sea. While crossing over the land he made a groove that filled with __________. _______ arose from the grooves of other ___________that fled in all directions fearing the ____________. At the Wisconsin Dells, large rocks blocked the great________ path. He pushed his head into a crack and split the stone apart. The __________ continued on, but became tired. As he rested and rolled around, he ___________ the river channel.”

From the plaque take a 40 degree compass reading and find a piece of rusty steel at the top of the rocks. Take 10 paces left along the upper edge of the rocks. Look under a large triangular shaped boulder that’s pointing to the bridge.

(Note: Please be extra certain that the box is snapped shut tight! With your help we’re hoping it lasts and everything stays safe & dry! Updates will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!)