Sun. Sea and Sky  LbNA # 25515

Placed DateSep 7 2006
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

10/17/2014 All boxes confirmed in place; Logbook for #1 is full. It needs a new scroll-type logbook if anyone is inclined to replace it (I no longer live in Missouri).

Note: It seems lots of people attempt this one but few find them all. They do occasionally move around but still fit the clue, and even I have trouble finding them sometime. The store has been remodeled since the boxes were placed.

Phillip liked to travel
Especially by car
A gas tycoon and corporate
He liked to travel far.

Walter was a local boy
Who like to camp, canoe and bike
His idea of travel was
A scenic wilderness hike.

On the corner by the College
The two they met a third
It was their neighbor, Roger,
Who told them something absurd.

"The letterboxing scene's gone nuts
It's driving me insane
Letterboxes everywhere
For C2B2's game*.

"Just off the trail or in plain sight
Disguised as this or that
Some of the clues are quite obscure
It's riddle me this and riddle me that.

"So, my friends, I'll tell you what
Let's get in on this scheme.
We can give them tic for tac
And tie in a travel theme."

Phillip said, "I'll carve the stamp;
I'll carve a travel destination.
I'll hide it in something non-traditional
To test the imagination."

Walter said, "I have the perfect place
With travel goods and more.
They can search and shop together.
I'll hide it in my store."

Roger said, "Now that sounds great.
I'll tell you what I'll do.
It's my turn now to drive them crazy.
I will write the clue."

So this is what the three devised;
They made a box or two.
As camping equipment they're disguised.
Now it's up to you:

Look upon the window sill
The first is slender black
The other has escaped its kin
And rolled under the map rack.

Put their stamps together
One picture you will spy
Of a fishing boat and lighthouse
And a sunset in the sky.

Boxes are clearly marked "Not for Sale."

Items may be removed from the store but not the premises. Be extremely discreet (you don't want to give the impression that you're shoplifting). You may wish to stamp at the bench outside or in your vehicle. All boxess planted with permission of store manager.
*This letterbox is an entry in C2B2's game of "Now You See Me, Now You Don't." The contest is a challenge to letterboxers to test our camouflaging abilities by hiding a box in as plain sight as possible no more than 10 feet off the beaten path. Details can be found at on the July 2006 archives.
Out-of-town letterboxers: You may have to do some research but everything you need is in the clue above.
Happy hunting!