Soul Mates  LbNA # 25519 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 9 2006
CountyNew London
LocationWaterford, CT
Planted ByCMN & A    
Found By veronica and tony
Last Found Jul 3 2009
Hike Distance?

UPDATE 3/7/09: Went to check on the box and actually pull it for good to find that it has gone missing, not surprising since many other boxes in the park have as well. This box meant very much to me and my family and i formally post a reward for any information as to its whereabouts. Obviously its a longshot and we accept its probably been trashed but we hope it surfaces. Thanks to all who took the time to visit our first planted box in the U.S.

CLUES UPDATED 11/4/06 Due to lack of cover and foliage we have been forced to move this box from its original hiding spot.

This letterbox was placed in commemoration of Chris and Mary's Wedding on June 17, 2006.

To start your journey, make your way to Harkness Memorial State Park. Once in the park, find the garden with the broken stone bench. Go inside the tree and find the children's final resting place. Find Peter. Turn 180 degrees from Peter and exit the tree. On your right will be a green shrub. On side of this shrub facing the water, drop to one knee and look inside for your prize. Please rehide extremely well and use extreme discretion when searching for this box! If an event of some sort is going on (wedding, reunion, etc.) please cease your search and try again another time. We want this box to last as it is our first placed letterbox in this country (we placed one in Aruba on our honeymoon) and symbolizes a day that is very important to us.

Now go get it! Good luck and again please rehide well!