Along Rebeka’s Path to Peace and Balance  LbNA # 25531 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 12 2006
CountyNorfolk city
LocationAzalea Garden Road and Hollybriar Point, Norfolk, VA
Found By adventurebabe
Last Found Jun 8 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 29 2015

UPDATE 12/29/15 - I have pulled and retired this letterbox. I found it completely soaked and decided it was time to move on. I'll save the stamp and logbook for awhile in case the original owners or anyone else wants them.

UPDATE 11/30/13 - This showed as adoptable, so I put it in my account after finding it. The TOFExplorers are the original planters and if they want it back into their account, just ask. Their original materials are in great shape.

The clues work fine. The "duck pond" area was closed to cars a couple of years ago, but you can still walk around in the area. Use side street parking on Hollybriar Point, just south of the Botanical Gardens entrance road. The duck pond area is across the road.

Enjoy your visit. - QOCMike


You will need a compass to find this letterbox.

Start your journey by parking in the Duck Pond parking area off of Azalea Garden Road. The entrance to the parking area is on the east side of the road about 0.1 mile south of the entrance road to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

Park, and take the paved walking trail that leaves the North East end of the parking area heading into the woods at an approximate bearing of 95 degrees.

Follow the paved trail as it bears to the left (northerly). Do not go straight or right onto the dirt trails.

The paved trail ends at a gate along the entrance road to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. From this point follow the road on a compass bearing of approximately 315 degrees. Follow the road for about 300 feet. Keep a watch out for cars.

Look for a small sign with a bear and a bird on it. This designates a Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail area.

From the location of this wildlife sign use your compass and take a bearing of 164 degrees. The Letterbox is located about 35 ft. in this direction.

The hiding place is not very far into the woods at the edge of a small clearing. Look for a hollow stump behind a small holly tree. Always use caution and keep an eye out for snakes and other wildlife.

Stamp up and enjoy! And, of course, please re-hide well.

This is a short and easy find, good for families with young children. A visit to the Botanical Gardens (fee) or the duck pond (free) would be an added bonus!