Skalkaho Falls Photo Opportunity  LbNA # 25535

Placed DateSep 10 2006
LocationHamilton, MT
Found By Koshka
Last Found Jun 28 2015
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Skalkaho Falls Photo Opportunity

State highway 38 travels over the Sapphire mountains from just south of Hamilton, on highway 93 to just south of Philipsburg, on Montana scenic highway 1. It is a 54 mile trip on a narrow, partly gravel road that goes over the 7260 ft. Skalkaho pass. Due to the snow the road is not open in the winter. On the east side the Rock Cr. Road connects to highway 38.
There are a variety of things to see and do along this route. The town of Philipsburg has a lot of colorful shops along the main street, there is a sapphire mine to visit, fishing in rock creek, plenty of picnic spots, wildlife to watch for, and on the west side of the pass the spectacular Skalkaho Falls. You canít miss it, itís right next to the road, with a wide spot to park. Lookout for the mountain sheep on the Bitterroot side of the mountains, and in the Rock Cr. Area.
When you have arrived at the falls, stand above the inlet to the culvert that goes under the road. Turn and face down the road, and take about 55 steps, move to the side of the road so the other cars can get by. Turn around and look back at the falls. This is your photo op. When your done with the pictures, look to your left at the short rock wall next to the road. Low down, about knee level, in a crevis, behind a couple of small rocks will be the plastic box. The first finder gets a prize.

What to watch out for? The mountain sheep must think they own the road as they like to walk out in front of any traffic. The other traffic might be more than you would expect on a road in the mountains. Watch for trucks with horse trailers, boats, campers, etc. Keep to the right side of the road, be prepared to stop in half the distance you can see ahead. The rocks around the falls are wet and slick, donít fall off them.