Miamisburg History In Letterboxes  LbNA # 25539

Placed DateSep 12 2006
LocationMiamisburg, OH
Planted BywholebrainedHA    
Found By TwoOnes
Last Found Jun 4 2013
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As you find our Four letterboxes you will learn a little about the city of Miamisburg. You will visit the graves of some of our founding fathers and collect stamps that depict landmarks still standing today. This cemetery is visited by many people so please be discreet.

Miamisburg was founded in 1818. The Gebhart's Tavern, at the corner of Old Main and Lock streets, is the oldest building in the area. It was built in 1811. One of the first churches here it was organized in 1821. St. Jacobs Lutheran Church Building was built it 1861. The first resident minister, Rev. Henry Heinke, was the pastor of this church. The Market Square Building was built in 1851 as an open air market with government space on the upper floor. It's now the home of the Miamisburg Historical Society and Museum. The Hamburger Wagon was Miamisburgís first Drive-in! It was originally started to feed the Red Cross volunteers that were needed to help clean up after the 1913 flood. You'll still find it daily on the corner of Main St. and Central Ave. beside the Market Square Building.

You'll find Hill Grove Cemetery off of I-75. Coming southbound on I-75, youíll take the 725, Dayton Mall exit. Turn Right on 725. Hill Grove Cemetery will be on your left about 2 1/2 miles down the road. From northbound I-75, take the 725, Miamisburg exit. Turn left on 725. Hill Grove Cemetery is about 2 1/2 miles on the left!

#1 Daniel Gephart Tavern--- You can park inside the gate. From the ďNoticeĒ sign, walk 22 steps at 210 degrees up the hill to visit Fred Fox and his bulldog. Take 10 steps at 140 degrees to Daniel Gebhartís resting place (founder of Gebhartís Tavern). 14 steps straight up will take you to Valentine and Margaret Gebhartís grave site. Valentine is one of the founding fathers and they are Danielís parents. Margaretís stone is broken and propped up against its base. Looking up the hill to the left, you'll see Mitchell's Monument. Look around this monument a flat marker plate with JOS. Wm. Frank on it. Look under the side of the bush the marker is on and you will find our "Tavern".
#2 Market Square--- At the road , look up the hill and find the fenced in area where John Treon, another of the four founding fathers and his wives are buried. He donated the land for this part of the cemetery and requested to be buried facing the sun. The nose on the replica of his face was damaged when vandals pushed the top off the monument. Johnís uncle, Peter Treon, another founding father, is buried here in this area too. To your left, you can see David Hetzelís monument, the president of one of the first banks in Miamisburg and treasurer of the first board of trustees. Looking down the hill at 120 degrees you will see Rev. Henicke's monument. He was the first resident pastor in Miamisburg of St. Jacobs Lutheran Church. We'll find his stamp later on in our search. Henickeís stone is a tall, white one with a replica of a vase on top. Walk to the monument and stand under the Bible. Take 30 steps at 120 degrees to the tree. Say "Hi" to Clem and Josephine Watkins, 29 steps at 180 degrees, across the street. Pass by the Anderson Family to John Zimmer, the first president of the board of trustees. You will see G.W. Weaver from here at 170 degrees. He owned the Rost Building that housed the first grocery in Miamisburg. Standing at his monument, walk due north (left) 53 steps. Behind the large pine tree is a memorial to Dr. Treon. In the front of that memorial there's a monument with a planter on top. Facing the placard that says, " To All Who Served For Our Country and Flag 1937", take a reading of 280 degrees. Take about 11 steps to a bush. In this bush you'll find our "Market Square". Please rehide well off the ground in this bush becasue groundsmen have seen it and moved it before.
#3 The Hamburger Wagon--- Again facing the monument to Dr. Treon, take a reading at 120 degrees. Follow that road to the left. You will pass 4 trees on your left along the road as you climb the hill. After passing the 4th tree, you will head down hill. At the bottom , wave "Hi" to Hazel and Wilber. Enjoy the walk along the path. When you see the Stammís, Judith and Douglas, you are getting close. You will see a green trash barrel on you right and "Ole Sparkey's" grave is behind it. Claude Jestice, operated Miamisburgís Hamburger Wagon from 1970 and was often heard singing as he flipped the burgers in the skillet on a little gasoline stove. 16 Steps at 260 degrees will take you to 4 bushes. You'll find our "Hamburger Wagon" between the smallest and second bush, next to the stone hidden between. Recover well with leaves.

#4 St. Jacobs Lutheran Church--- Go Back down to the road. Follow the same path straight ahead. Donít turn at the cross roads. Morningstar is on your right and Lipps in on your left. Straight ahead.... again, don't take the crossroad! Salute SGT. US Army Air Corps Donald E. Bailey as you pass by him on your right. Looking down the hill to your left at 270 degrees, you will see two pine trees that have four tops standing side by side. Lamb and Philpot have a good view. Our " St. Jacobs Lutheran Church" is buried in the hollow trunk of the tree further from the road.

To exit the cemetery, follow this road till it dead ends, then turn left.

We hope you had fun and learned a little something about Miamisburg during your search. If you would like to learn more, check out " Miamisburg, The story of Our Town" ( 977.172 M6186) from our local library on Fifth street. The Miamisburg Historical Society is housed in the Market Square Building on Main street. Call 937-859-5000 for hours of operation.

Please let us know if you had any problems or suggestions for our letterbox. This was our first attempt at setting one. Please contact us when you have found our boxes. Also make sure you REPLACE the stamps in their boxes. Thanks.