Little Mountain Flower  LbNA # 25546

Placed DateSep 10 2006
LocationPortland, OR
Found By heyokah man
Last Found Sep 10 2007
Hike Distance?

Little Mountain Flower

You won't have to travel to Switzerland to find this Little Mountain Flower but the first part of your mission is to figure out what campus/park this photo is from.
Once you are there the walk is not far. Depending on where you park the car it could be very short. Walk toward #18. Turn Right just before the #19. Count 10 and look for buried treasure!

I planned to plant Got Milk? in the little village pictured last year when I planted LMF but I learned the village isn't always open to visitors so decided not to plant it there. I did finally find a good home that should be open year round. Once you've found the location of the village enjoy a stroll thru (if it is open). After ward find the gazebo that is back toward the parking where you first entered the campus. From the gazebo look toward the road of which the name which will go untold so as to not give away too much! See the little building between the hedges? Look around the left side of it at about 40" high!

Happy Hunting!
LadyB & MonkeyBoy

PS If you need more clues I have additional photos I could send if you email me.